Program Features

Remote Hire Processing

Context Sensitive Phone Support

Online I-9 implements a flexible and secure system for enabling employees working in the field, home office, or other remote situation to complete their Form I-9 securely and with the same guidance and support as local employees.

The remote processing system and guidance for employees is based on each organizations Form I-9 compliance program guidelines and is customized to each organizations needs. Additionally EVRI works directly with remote employees to ensure a smooth process for the employee and the employer agent while eliminating the burden from the organizations HR staff.

Document Specific Instructions and Guidance

The list of documents that may be presented by employees for Form I-9 purposes is large and some documents are presented significantly less often than others. To assist with the proper documentation of all documents that may be used in Section Two of the Form I-9, Online I-9 presents the processor with sample document images. These include highlights of where to look on the original documents for each line of the Form.

Document specific instructions

E-Verify® Integration

Document specific instructions

Online I-9 is integrated with E-Verify® and EVRI is a designated E-Verify® Employer Agent that can assist with and administrate your E-Verify® program. All E-Verify® letters are stored with the Form I-9 record.

Coming Soon: Online I-9 will be offering full electronic processing of the Tentative Non-Confirmation process including the ability to electronically sign and submit TNC notices and Referral Letters.


Securing client data and the personal information of employees is a top priority for EVRI and security is key design point of Online I-9 at each level of operation. Client data is stored at rest by utilizing 256-bit AES for active data and PGP with organization specific secret keys for archived and backup data.

All communication between clients and servers are encrypted with SSLv3/TLSv1 utilizing 256-bit AES and an Extended Validation Certificate issued by GeoTrust. Data transferred between servers on the Online I-9 network are also encrypted via SSLv3 with 256-bit AES encryption.

Security and data integrity

Easy Access to Assistance from our Experts

Context sensitive phone support

The Online I-9 support staff at EVRI is available with the click of a button at any point of the Form I-9 completion process for employees, employer agents and HR staff. Support requests are automatically routed to a staff member including relevant information to the process that help was requested on including but not limited to the user requesting assistance, the employee or Form I-9 record being viewed, and a phone call is automatically dispatched.

Legacy I-9 Conversion and Storage Service

As part of the comprehensive electronic Form I-9 service conversion of all paper I-9s to digital storage is available. This includes the comprehensive audit of all paper I-9 records to ensure correctness prior to the digital conversion process and the limitation of potential liability that may exist in the records being converted. All scanned and imported records are fully indexed and searchable.

Legacy record scanning and storage
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